About Me

I am Aayush Acharya, an MS CS student at Temple University and a Computer Engineer alumni of IOE, Pulchowk Campus. My goal is to provide a meaningful contribution through research.

I worked in RARA Labs, carrying out projects in software engineering with a focus on backend development along with machine learning. I built ML pipelines for identifying medical harms based on EMR data. In addition, I designed independent execution threads using goroutines, worked with asynchronous messaging using RabbitMQ, constructed ISO20022 financial standard digitally signed messages and devised CI/CD pipelines. I also undertook the role of a Research Intern in NAAMII. There I worked on building a Nepali automatic speech recognition using Wav2Vec 2.0, for learning the speech representations in a low resource setting and MURIL, a BERT model pretrained on indic languages, as a classification model in my final year project thesis supervised by Bishesh Khanal, Ph.D. as a research intern at NAAMII. Furthermore, I also built ML pipelines for identifying medical harms based on EMR data in RARA Labs. I am also a Beta member of the Microsoft Student Learn Ambassador (MLSA). As MLSAs, we serve as the community leaders, organizing workshops, hands-on training and educational seminars aided by Microsoft community experts. I also served as a member of Engineering Youth Network, Amnesty International Nepal. We strive to raise our voice against injustice and condemn human rights violations.

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